Interactive Camps

We are inspired, in part, by Burning Man—an experiential festival in the middle of the desert built entirely by its attendees. Elevated LA will follow the same blueprint, allowing communities to design their own camps throughout the city. We don’t want to contain the experience. We want to fuel it.

National Treasures

Los Angeles offers a wealth of experiences beyond the festival itself. Visit historic landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, ride the Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier, hike to the Hollywood Sign, or watch Lebron dunk at Arena. The energy flowing through our city is real. Come feel the vibe.

The Praise Awards™

Elevated LA will culminate with the Praise Awards, an award ceremony similar to the Grammy’s or the Webby Awards. The most remarkable people in Web3 will be awarded a special trophy for their exemplary work, represented in both digital and physical form.